Kudos man

Jeff Bliss a high school student goes on a rant that has taken the internet and the education system by storm. If you don’t believe what he says, you obviously haven’t experienced our public education system here in the good ole’ USA.

I 100% agree with what Jeff here says. Now I was lucky enough to attend a pretty decent high school. Yes, it was public. My class size was small compared to others (~150).

The teachers at my high school were amazing. They loved what they taught. Lets face it, students dread going to school in genre. We would rather be out causing havoc and hanging with friends. But when you have teachers that genuinely care about your life both in and out of the classroom, you want to come to school.

Teachers involving their students in activities and discussions gets their rains motivated. Handing out worksheets that you probably just copied from whatever textbook you are reading from is ridiculous. What in the hell do you think this is going to do? I don’t recall one student who enjoyed worksheets or were motivated by them.

Teachers have to be up and bouncing off the walls. Finding new and creative ways to not only teach but entertain. Some people don’t believe teachers also need to be entertainers but they really do. Keeping your students entertained will make the learning experience sooooo much easier. With all this technology today, our attention spans are very slim. Capturing it will allow students to perform better.

Many educators (in my opinion) are stuck in the old ways of teaching. But no one had cell phones and Ipods and I-whatever ten, twenty, thirty years ago. Incorporating technology into the teaching everyday will capture so many minds you will love it.

As I said earlier, you have to care about your students not only in the classroom but outside. I was lucky to have so many of these teachers. They would strike up a conversation out of the blue that had nothing to do with learning. It might have been sports. Showing that a teacher can relate to the student is so important. Allow him/her to see that you were in their shoes once.

I had a principal, unfortunately he was terminated at the end of my junior year, that would stop you in the hall to ask how your day was going. That small thing would brighten a student’s day like that. He would make you late to class just to talk with you. If you were sick, he would ask how you were doing the next day. He knew everyone’s name by heart. He was even willing to come pick you up at 1am if you found yourself out somewhere with no ride (I understand this is sketchy to some but he didn’t want students to take a ride with some random stranger). If you came to school one day with no lunch or money to buy it, he would gladly give you a few bucks. He would go home later that night with no cash on him at all. Every single day.

Teachers and principals like this make high school so much smoother. It can be a scary time in a young pupil’s life entering high school for the first time. Media today portrays high school as this crazy, hellish time where bullies are rampant. I will talk about bullies in a future blog. Luckily, my school, thanks to these wonderful educators, had zero bullies. There were the cliques here and there but for the most part, everyone was friendly to everyone.

In a world where our every move is criticized by the media and things can be posted on the internet in a blink of an eye for the world to see, we have to change how our education system is run. You can’t just sit there and tell students what to do. Ask their opinions and involve students in debates with one another and the teacher. Listen to the students. They are the one receiving this education, not you. Take what they have to say to heart. Just because they are the ones sitting down learning doesn’t mean they know nothing. Trust me, as a 2012 high school graduate I like to think I and my fellow classmates know how to teach better than half the teachers in this country.

Don’t take that last comment as arrogant or cocky. Students want to learn. Discover how they want to learn and you will see more students graduating and heading off to college.

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So the daily blog thing didn’t work out. Turns out I am more busy than I thought I actually was. I will just focus on posting when the voice inside my head tells me to.

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If Today Was Your Last Day

“If Today Was Your Last Day” by Nickelback. Before reading on please just go and listen to it. Watch the music video along with it then think about it.

I should probably prepare for some flak just by mentioning Nickelback but I truly enjoy their music. I think the messages you can come away with from many of their songs are quite powerful. This one is no different.

If you found out that today would in fact be your last and final day on Earth… what would you do? Would you just go balls to the wall and get hammered and smashed on drugs? Would you commit a crime? Spend all day with friends and family? Or would you just sit back and relax and watch closely to what you see everyday but never truly notice?

I myself would do a few of the above. I would definitely spend all day with my family. Especially with my two little nephews who are probably too young to remember me years down the road. But I don’t care about that. Watching them play and laugh and cry just lights me up. I also tink I would like to find a nice bench somewhere and watch the world go by. Relax and actually watch people and things. Watch mother nature. Listen to the birds chirping and squirrels chasing one another.

It is such a powerful thing to think about. Every time I hear this song i can’t help but wonder what I would do if I only did have one day left on Earth.

So… tell me, what would you do If Today Was Your Last Day?

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Daily Blog… How Hard Could It Be?

Since the day I created this blog I had aspirations to try (and succeed) in posting every single day for a set amount of time. Now that I am starting to get college under grasp I think I will make this my next goal starting today. But lets set a reasonable goal; minimum of one post a day for a week. How hard could it be right?

Everyday I scour the inter-webs in search of anything of the slightest interest. At 7:27am nothing is very interesting. I know a hot-topic issue currently is the gun control debate. I am willing to voice some thoughts I have and my opinions thought I must first warn you, I am not keen on reading everything about what is going on currently so anything I say on this topic may hurt some people, sound foolish, be wrong, or it might just entertain you for the 30 seconds you spend reading this. But my goal is to have it in the back of your mind the rest of the day and to have you just think about it and come to your own conclusions. Everyone’s opinion matters. Butting heads allows for interesting debates and arguments and what would online social interaction be without a little trash talking back and forth!

So let me start off by saying I know gun control has been one of the main topics of discussion for decades. Heck it is in the Bill of Rights! But events of the past decade and, most recently, the Tuscon, Arizona shooting, Norway attacks, Aurora theater, and tragically the Newtown school shooting.

I won’t go into any great detail too much on any individual incident as I do not find I am educated enough in what exactly transpired those fateful days. I will say this though. These events are extremely tragic. I wish everyday that I don’t read or hear something about another shooting. I think those saying gun control laws will just take guns out of the arms of good people just bologna.

I believe in gun control. Let me stop right now and say I am 110% against the banning of all weapons. I do believe we have the right to defend ourselves and our families along with recreational activities. I believe in strict background checks for everyone wishing to purchase a firearm. I don’t care if it is a small “pea shooter” or an assault rifle. A detailed and thorough background check will help lower the incidents that we see almost weekly it seems.

I am not saying background checks alone will stop things like this from happening. Unfortunately events like these won’t ever stop I fret. People will always find a way to get their hands on a weapon if they truly want to inflict pain and suffering with it. But my hope is that by instituting these background checks President Obama is calling for will prevent guns from getting into the hands of somebody. If this will make it harder and allow a person to think twice about what they are doing and possibly prevent a shooting from taking place, by all means do it.

As for the Assault weapons ban, I think it is a good idea. Please tell me why you need an M16 in your house. Protection? Please I bet you like to just use it to strut your ego. If you want something to protect your family with invest in a gun by all means. But also invest money into state-of-the-art security system too. Someone breaking into your home is more likely to run away upon hearing an alarm or see you have an alarm than someone would by seeing you sitting alone in an alarm free home by yourself.

A major worry of mine is children getting a hold of weapons in the home. I know it is more likely to drown in your bathtub than it is having your kids accidentally shoot someone but there is always that risk. Gun education is key. If you want a gun or have a gun and don’t educate those around you on the proper and safe use and operation of said weapon, you shouldn’t have it in the first place. Safety is always priority over your enjoyment shooting paper targets in the backyard.

Again I am not against people owning guns. Good, educated people should own guns if they feel it necessary in my opinion. Protection is a must in an ever growing and dangerous world. There are countless stories of families having to shoot someone who is breaking into their home. That is exactly the reason people should own guns. Responsible gun owners can save a family by knowing the proper way to use one.

I honestly believe people should own guns as long as you educate those around you and use it safely. I know I myself don’t own any guns of the sort and have only shot a handful of times and know little about how to go about properly owning a weapon. But I believe there should be gun control laws in effect to help prevent or reduce the number of people who shouldn’t own guns from owning them. I know if they really want a gun they will get one. You can’t stop that. But my hope is that we can avoid all these mass shootings we have seen in the past few years because it is just senseless killing. No one deserves to die for attending a political rally or get blown up walking down the street or watching a movie or get shot sitting in a classroom trying to better yourself by learning. No one deserves any of this. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

So please tell me how to stand on this issue. I am sure we won’t hear the end of it ever. I just hope I don’t wake up tomorrow to another shooting.


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Long time no talkie!

So it has been quite a few months since my last post. I must have some excuse to explain it. So I shall give you a couple:

1. I was encountering a bug of some sort (probably human error) that resulted in posts not being…well posted.

2. Started college.

3. No time (Even though I often found myself bored out of my mind)

And 4. Honestly, I am not good at this so I was hesitant to post anything else.

Let me explain the last one. Everything I do in life I second guess myself. I never ever, ever,ever, ever think I have what it takes to complete a task, pass a test, or wake up for class Monday morning (Can I get an amen!). That has always been part of me. It is what makes me, me. Many days I hate myself for it. I would love to go out and explore new things.

Of course I am not going to cut myself short, many things I get pumped up for but then I think about what would or could happen as a result of doing it. I’m not the kind of person that just goes with the flow. I will attempt to but then come up with a reason as how this might not work or what negative consequences could result from it and then just abandon the idea entirely.

Why do I do this? Low self-esteem? Lack of confidence? No drive? I think I could come up with a million and one different reasons why I do this which proves my point exactly. Right now I am trying to find reasons to get out of finding a solution.

But I like me. I am different. Who wants to be like the person next to you? Why would you! Everyone needs their own voice. I don’t care if your voice is sitting off to the side quiet hunched over a book adjusting your glasses or jamming it out to some Heavy Metal with your buds or gossiping with your girlfriends in hushed tones and giggling. There is a reason behind all this madness that we call life. I think that is what makes us all who we are. We are all plain crazy.

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Why are people mean to workers?

It disgusts me whenever I am going to a public business or store and see people treating others like trash. The most predominant areas I see this in are places like Wal-Mart and on the street.

I love interacting with people who work the jobs as a Greeter or Cashier. Why be mean and nasty to the Greeter? Have you ever noticed most of them tend to be older people? I bet most of them only took the job because:

    a.) They are retired and are bored    b.) Enjoy talking with people   c.) Well I like to think of them as doing it because of a & b…

Seeing anyone talking in whispers to the person next to them about of stupid these people are disgusts me. It is absolutely repulsive. What if you had to take that job to support your family? It truly is a sad world out there.


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Sick of scripted shows.

So I was doing what the average (nowaday) teenager does and stayed in bed past noon watching TV. No I don’t watch cartoons anymore (I must admit though, some of these new kids shows are quite entertaining. Saw a few with my 2 yr. old nephew).

As I sat there watching Brad Meltzer’s Decoded on Fort Knox and whether or not the gold was still there, I began to feel my brain cells peel away. This isn’t a post directed towards the producers or cast of said show but more of a rant on tv in general.

All these shows out there attempting to find out the truth are at times hard to watch. They are “trying” to find out the truth behind something like Bigfoot, Area 51, UFOs, and at times it seems like they make shows about what 2+2=. Don’t get me wrong, some of these are quite entertaining. But that’s just it. They are entertaining. Yes people watch tv for pure enjoyment and may like the fact that many of these shows that are attempting to decode a controversy or find the Loch Ness monster without really doing anything whatsoever other than filling a time slot. That may be your cup of tea.

I for one like shows that aren’t scripted. Shows that actually tell you the truth. I don’t want to watch something that you think is enlightening you or making you smarter when in reality they are just making an episode or show about a popular idea just to rake in the cash.

Like I said in my first ever post here. I attempt to reason these things out in my head (and I guess in pixels online) and often convey my ideas to words wrong. I am not the best at expressing what I think in my head, but i am sure going to try!

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What is this and why am I here?

Good question. I guess I will explain what this is. This here is my brain. Now if you have any knowledge of the human structure you would have guessed that this does not look like the typical brain. If you did realize that without reading on and to this explanation, than I applaud you.

So who am I? My name is John. For obvious reasons I will not disclose my last name but instead will make you guess it! Have fun! So enough with the joking. I am a college freshman at the University at Albany studying to become a History major. I enjoy reading about and watching anything that has any sliver of history in it.

I guess I should get on to what this blog will actually be about I guess. I enjoy examining the aspects surrounding anything controversial then attempting to reason it out. 99% of the time I get it wrong and end up looking stupid. So what better a place of doing so than the Internet!

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