Why are people mean to workers?

It disgusts me whenever I am going to a public business or store and see people treating others like trash. The most predominant areas I see this in are places like Wal-Mart and on the street.

I love interacting with people who work the jobs as a Greeter or Cashier. Why be mean and nasty to the Greeter? Have you ever noticed most of them tend to be older people? I bet most of them only took the job because:

    a.) They are retired and are bored    b.) Enjoy talking with people   c.) Well I like to think of them as doing it because of a & b…

Seeing anyone talking in whispers to the person next to them about of stupid these people are disgusts me. It is absolutely repulsive. What if you had to take that job to support your family? It truly is a sad world out there.


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