What is this and why am I here?

Good question. I guess I will explain what this is. This here is my brain. Now if you have any knowledge of the human structure you would have guessed that this does not look like the typical brain. If you did realize that without reading on and to this explanation, than I applaud you.

So who am I? My name is John. For obvious reasons I will not disclose my last name but instead will make you guess it! Have fun! So enough with the joking. I am a college freshman at the University at Albany studying to become a History major. I enjoy reading about and watching anything that has any sliver of history in it.

I guess I should get on to what this blog will actually be about I guess. I enjoy examining the aspects surrounding anything controversial then attempting to reason it out. 99% of the time I get it wrong and end up looking stupid. So what better a place of doing so than the Internet!

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