Sick of scripted shows.

So I was doing what the average (nowaday) teenager does and stayed in bed past noon watching TV. No I don’t watch cartoons anymore (I must admit though, some of these new kids shows are quite entertaining. Saw a few with my 2 yr. old nephew).

As I sat there watching Brad Meltzer’s Decoded on Fort Knox and whether or not the gold was still there, I began to feel my brain cells peel away. This isn’t a post directed towards the producers or cast of said show but more of a rant on tv in general.

All these shows out there attempting to find out the truth are at times hard to watch. They are “trying” to find out the truth behind something like Bigfoot, Area 51, UFOs, and at times it seems like they make shows about what 2+2=. Don’t get me wrong, some of these are quite entertaining. But that’s just it. They are entertaining. Yes people watch tv for pure enjoyment and may like the fact that many of these shows that are attempting to decode a controversy or find the Loch Ness monster without really doing anything whatsoever other than filling a time slot. That may be your cup of tea.

I for one like shows that aren’t scripted. Shows that actually tell you the truth. I don’t want to watch something that you think is enlightening you or making you smarter when in reality they are just making an episode or show about a popular idea just to rake in the cash.

Like I said in my first ever post here. I attempt to reason these things out in my head (and I guess in pixels online) and often convey my ideas to words wrong. I am not the best at expressing what I think in my head, but i am sure going to try!

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